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Calusa Corner


 This 11-acre gem is located to the south of Griffin Road, nestled in the  I-75 entrance corridor. It is and will remain a passive green space  that serves as a focal point for our Town’s rural nature in the midst of  the booming development which surrounds us on all sides. Contrary to  all other corners of the I-75/Griffin Road interchange, the Calusa Corners park is a beautiful green, open space offering passive outdoor  recreation for the public to enjoy. 

Sunshine Ranches


 Welcome to Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park! SREP is the place to school  your horse, walk your dog or just meet friends and neighbors to enjoy  the beauty of the afternoon sunlight in a meditative setting. Located  just north of the intersection at Stirling and Volunteer Roads in  Sunshine Ranches, the park provides a lushly-landscaped twenty acres  dedicated to Southwest Ranches Residents and to humankind’s “other best  friend!”  

Trailside Park


 Trailside Park provides a Greenway connecting the County’s C-11 and  Flamingo Road trails to the Southwest Ranches comprehensive trail  system.  Serving as a buffer for residents from the commercial activity,  this small, passive, 4-acre space features a thriving native wetland  and provides a vista of open space in an area which is densely populated  on three sides. 

Country Estates Fishing Hole

 The Town of Southwest Ranches purchased the property in 2004 for preservation of open space

 This passive park was maintained as a wholesale nursery for over 15  years. The Town of Southwest Ranches purchased the property in 2004 for  preservation of open space and for development of outdoor recreational  amenities. 

Frontier Trails

 The 30-acre Frontier Trails located in SW Ranches Broward County

 The 30-acre Frontier Trails parcel is an open  space with natural enhancements made possible with a generous grant from the Florida Communities Trust and from Broward County’s Open Space program allowing the Town to go forward with plans  for creating a conservation area and passive recreational space for all  to enjoy. The amenities planned in this location include trails,  wetlands with native plantings to foster a rookery for native birds, and  preservation of an existing archeological site. 

Rolling Oaks Park


 Welcome to the Rolling Oaks Passive Open Space Park! This lovely 46-acre  open space was purchased by the Town in 2001. Upon the two large open  sections, great, old ficus trees have been growing for decades. 

Featured Park



Situated at the corner of Dykes and  Griffin Roads, this lovely 26-acre property has been considered for many  different types of outdoor public recreation and Town purposes.  Past  plans included a town center and administrative complex, a replicated  Native American village, a dog training facility and park.

Since  acquiring the Sanctuary property, the Town has completed multiple  phases of natural area restoration and landscaping improvements such as  removal of invasive exotic overgrowth and installation of a diverse  palette of native trees and shrubs on the site.

Otherwise  currently undeveloped, the site is designed to offer recreational  improvements including passive open space play fields, an outdoor  amphitheater, enhanced wetlands, historical and environmental education,  equestrian amenities, trails, and a neighborhood park serving the Town  through the Green Meadows area. The development of this facility will be  phased as funding allows

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 We envision thriving public and private partnerships to ensure  vibrant parks and trails throughout Southwest Ranches for preserving  Southwest Ranches’ peace, tranquility, and beloved memories as our  finest legacy for generations to come.

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To raise funds through public and private partnerships for parks,  trails, and green space projects within the town of Southwest Ranches to  further the town’s motto of “Preserving Our Rural Lifestyle” and  provide a superior quality of life for the Town’s residents and visitors  alike. We're excited to have you join the team!

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