12498 Griffin Road, Southwest Ranches, FL 33330

Trailside Park provides a Greenway connecting the County’s C-11 and Flamingo Road trails to the Southwest Ranches comprehensive trail system.  Serving as a buffer for residents from the commercial activity, this small, passive, 4-acre space features a thriving native wetland and provides a vista of open space in an area which is densely populated on three sides.

Native species and other plants adapted to South Florida were chosen to promote diversity, provide visual interest, attract wildlife, and tolerate periods of flood and drought.

Users of the Greenway Trail system can enjoy a shady place to rest as well as a venue for viewing native wildlife.  Trailside Park echoes Southwest Ranches’ community values and provides a clear sense of identity welcoming Town residents and visitors alike.

Future development of the Park will include further landscaping and trail improvements, as well as a landmark entrance feature.

There is no existing or proposed driveway access to the site.  Pedestrians and equestrians enter through the plaza at the east.